all minis below are available for pre order with a minimum of 24 pieces per flavor, we take orders until 3 pm the day before for pick up the next day. if you need them sooner or in smaller quantities, please check store availability on our home page, we usually have a large selection of different minis available for walk in pick up at any time all minis are $25 per dozen (12)


*gluten free chocolate raspberry cream puff

*gluten free dark chocolate cherry brownie

*gluten free chocolate grand marnier mousse

*gluten free white chocolate raspberry cheesecake bite

*gluten free marble cheesecake bite

*gluten free white chocolate franjelico truffle

*gluten free milk chocolate cardamom truffle

*gluten free vanilla vanilla macarons

*gluten free dairy free chocolate macarons

*gluten free dairy free lemon bars

*gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookie dough truffles

*gluten free vegan green tea chocolates

*gluten free vegan caramel cashew bars–PALEO FRIENDLY

*gluten free vegan chocolate truffles–PALEO FRIENDLY (flavors: mocha, passion fruit, raspberry, dark chocolate)

*gluten free vegan coconut crack balls–PALEO FRIENDLY


we are not a dedicated gluten free bakery. we do take precautions to minimize cross contamination, but we do have wheat products in the building.

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