gluten free tres leches cake

gluten free vegan chocolate coconut ‘cheesecake’ (paleo friendly)

gluten free nutella creme brûlée with fresh berries

gluten free flourless chocolate cake

gluten free dark cherry brownies

gluten free goat cheese & blackberry cheesecake 

gluten free marzipan hazelnut praline cake

gluten free white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

gluten free key lime pie



gluten free vegan caramel cashew bars (paleo friendly)

gluten free vegan mocha truffles (paleo friendly)

gluten free chocolate grand marnier mousse   

gluten free dairy free chocolate cupcakes 

gluten free red velvet cupcakes

gluten free dairy free lemon bars

gluten free vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcakes




gluten free vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

gluten free vanilla vanilla cupcakes

gluten free vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcakes 

glutenfree chocolate chocolate cupcakes






gluten free marzipan cake with hazelnut praline buttercream




gluten free peanut butter sandwich cookies

gluten free almond anise biscotti 

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

gluten free m&m cookies


are you a sinner?

if you are a sinner you will enjoy our decadent, scrumptious creations, small batch produced with only the best ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. all sinners are NOT GLUTEN FREE and bound to please your palate.

are you a saint?

if you’re a saint then get your hands on our inventive and divine treats that are GLUTEN FREE. we have managed to recreate crowd favorites with no wheat included. we use only the best ingredients, locally sourced if possible. we believe if you are choosing to be gluten free, you should have access to the same scrumptious and decadent desserts as everyone else.

we are not a dedicated gluten free bakery. we do take precautions to minimize cross contamination, but we do have wheat products in the building.

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